Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Necessary Indulgence: Handknit socks; cotton stretch shorties

I have been enjoying my handknitted wool socks during this winter that never seems to end. But, I am more than excited that it's almost getting to be warm enough to wear my recently-completed summer shortie socks. I started knitting these in January 2011 (no typo there) and the first sock was completed pretty quickly (pretty sure that two weeks is a record for me in the sock completion category). Sadly, the second sock faced the misplacement of the red ball of yarn for the heel and was in a holding pattern/hiatus for a year or so. Now, all done, only 2 years later!

Happy feet

Lace stitch pattern; easy to remember if you don't put your socks down for a year+ in the middle of knitting them.

The socks are knit in a stretchy cotton yarn, Cascade Fixation, in a pattern that I think is from the Cascade website. I changed the heel and toe to red since I only had one ball of the multicolored space-dyed yarn. And I added a single crochet edging in the red to the top of the cuffs to balance things out.

I knit these on US size 3 needles, so they were quick to knit, as long as I was knitting them, that is :). They were knitted with the neat square double pointed needles from Kollage.  I highly recommend the square dpns and circulars from Kollage for those with hand soreness issues. They actually do work to ease the pain.

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