Friday, April 12, 2013

FLASHBACK: Penland Weaving Concentration: Napkin Bombing

The weaving for my "Pines" dining hall napkins took under a week and the finishing took a few more days. 

One napkin on the loom, alternating natural and hunter green wefts  for horizontal stripes.I also was playing with different treadling sequences.

As I progressed with the weaving, time became a factor and I started using a single weft color to speed things up and just turning my twills for variation in pattern.

The last four napkins woven on the warp were all woven using hunter green weft which gave the fabric a stiffer hand and a different look.

The best part about the weaving studio at Penland; lots of room to roll out your work!

Beth and Zee sorting napkins in preparation for lunchtime at the Pines dining hall.

Lunch service was about 135 people, so there were piles and piles of lovely different napkins for staff and students to choose from.

This was a very satisfying process. Beth wove a good number of these napkins from past workshops and they were great inspiration for us.

She shared her easy fringing technique for finishing the napkin edges. One of my best memories of Penland is fringing napkins with my roommates in Dorm 54.

Signage for the napkin bombing was designed...there was a kitten theme going that week. I wonder why....see Fashion Cats by Takako Iwasa. Thanks, Beth!

Lunch was Vietnamese sandwiches that day...absolutely delicious... and a perfect meal for cloth napkins. It was an all-around successful project for the weaving concentration!

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