Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lots of knots

I have been tying a whole mess of knots lately while getting the looms dressed and ready to weave.

Here is the ikat warp tied onto the front beam apron bar of the floor loom.

Sometimes it's nice to do a bunch of the same thing at once so I tied these the same day I tied the knots on the tapestry loom.

These are square knots. My default when tying is a granny knot, but they don't hold properly.

I have to train my fingers to tie the square knot by repeating to myself...left in front, then right in front. Sort of silly, but it really helps me get the right knot tied!
Close-up view of knots on apron bar.

My tapestry loom is also being warped for a new tapestry. It is a Shannock upright student loom and the warping starts with lark's head knots on the top bar. The warp is then threaded into string loop heddles on the heddle bars. Once threaded, I tie on with square knots on the bottom bar.

Upright Shannock student loom, threading done, warp is 14" wide.

My weaving sett will be 5 ends per inch (epi), so I've threaded every other heddle on 10 epi  heddle bars.

The lovely and useful square knot!

I have some more spacing and chaining to do on this tapestry warp before I can get started with the weaving.

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