Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paris Journal: Animals in the city

Paris is a lovely city with creative store window displays. Here are a few sheep sightings in the city.

I think this is one of the sheep you're expected to be counting while trying to get to sleep

on the mattresses they sell in this store just north of the Marche St. Pierre in Montmartre.

I don't even remember looking at what they're trying to sell here. I just saw the dear lamb. Near the Jardin des Plantes.
The Animalerie or pet shops along the Seine river approaching Chatelet are a regular sight while riding our favorite bus number 67. I don't know who is going to purchase these life-sized animals, but whoever they are, they do have a wide range of choices.

How can you not love the sheep on the ladder?

Maybe you could get a deal on both the fiber-producing animals?

A panda without ties to the Chinese government. Bamboo included!

The place to go to fill that empty aquarium!

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